A Simple Guide for Dollhouse Flooring

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While most people think that the floor of dollhouses does not catch as much attention as the onlookers, they are wrong. It is the floor of the dollhouse that changes the look and feel of the entire set.

Just change the flooring of two similar-looking dollhouses, and see how they become different from another. While it is easy for the veteran collectors to change and choose the flooring of their Christmas dollhouse, it is simply impossible for the amateurs to do so. To help them out, we have brought together important tips about the flooring options and how you can change the floors of your dollhouse.

christmas dollhouse

The Basics

It does not matter what other people say, but always start working on the floor after you have assembled the dollhouse. It would help you to take into account the different turns and twists of a room and get the perfect fit. If you cover the floor before assembling the dollhouse, it would be difficult for you to find out the slots as a result of which the dollhouse will become ill-fitted.

Flooring and Wallpaper

If you are staining the dollhouse kit floors, then it is better to do that before you put up the wallpaper. However, if you are adding a floor cover, you can do it after putting up the wallpaper. It will minimize the damage to your flooring and wallpaper. Also, don’t forget to modify all the interior doors. Make sure it attains the height of the added flooring.

Floor Preparation

The floor covers, if installed correctly, are as good as the original floors. So, make sure that you sand the floors to make them as smooth as possible. It would help you flooring to be even and flat. Paint the original floors of the dollhouse in a matching colour to the floor cover.

christmas dollhouse

Flooring Versus Trim Work

Whether to stain the original Christmas dollhouse floor or to use the flooring cover is a common dilemma for most collectors. Instead of giving you the answers right away, let’s see what benefits you get from each of the choices.

Always remember that your dollhouse is created with the help of different types of wood sheets. That means different grains and hues are always running through them. It affects your staircases and interior trims of windows. When put together, it creates a beautiful look. However, many people do not like this look of the dollhouse at all.

To make sure whether you like it or not, check the dollhouse kit before staining the floors. If you do not like the different hues of the woods, you can paint the staircases and the window trims to hide the shades.

Create Template

The template will assist you to install different popular flooring covers on your floors. You can use almost any type of paper to make a template. If you have a small dollhouse with one room per floor, then you can easily trace the floorings onto the paper before assembling the dollhouse. It would save you a lot of time.

So, these are some of the tips that would help you to choose the best flooring for your Christmas dollhouse. The best way to form an idea about the dollhouse flooring is to check the images of different dollhouses. The floorings of these dollhouses would help you to for an idea about what would suit you and what would not suit your flooring at all.